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How to Safely Prevent Skin Ageing

Slowing down skin ageing is the epitome of aesthetic medicine. The healthier the skin, the fresher and more youthful a person appears. Slowing down skin ageing is the epitome of aesthetic medicine, too. The healthier the skin, the fresher and more youthful a person appears. According to one study, an even complexion makes the face look 10 to 15 years younger, without taking wrinkles into account. However we hear many times that in fact people should begin in their youth. So, let’s look a little deeper.


The three main reasons for severe skin ageing are smoking, too much sun and too little sleep. These factors lead to the formation of radicals that contribute to accelerated skin ageing. The best prophylaxis is not to expose yourself to these factors in the first place. Another effective option is the supply of radical scavengers, such as vitamin C. If this prophylaxis alone is not sufficient due to a lot of stress at work or other factors, skin ageing must be counteracted more strongly. Medical creams are particularly suitable for this. The effect of fruit acid and retinol creams has been scientifically proven. The skin becomes thicker, more resistant and the metabolism is stimulated.


The structure of the skin is divided into layers: At the very bottom are the fresh cells, at the top are the old or even dead cells, which lead to a pale, grey complexion. In addition, these dead cells prevent medicated creams from penetrating. It is therefore very important to remove this uppermost horny layer again and again and thus to accelerate natural regeneration.

Just by removing the old cells, the skin looks fresh and rosy. If the ageing of the skin is more advanced, the process must of course be slowed down, stopped or even reversed. This is where medical facials, such as peelings, come into play. With regular use, this treatment can even be carried out without any failure.


Those who start counteracting skin ageing early enough will have fresh and youthful skin through regular refreshment and will get by for a long time without major intervention.


Even before wrinkles become visible, Botox can prevent their formation. This applies to all so-called expression lines that occur as a result of strong facial expressions and not just as a symptom of ageing due to sagging tissue. This treatment is possible with lower doses than when the wrinkles are already buried. For example, if we want to prevent frown lines from developing, a small dose of Botox is enough once or twice a year.

With timely treatment, we also prevent cellulite on the chin and develop positive facial expressions by blocking the muscles that pull the face down. At the same time, we also activate the muscles that pull upwards. Another area of application is the chin line. Here, too, the constant activity of the platysma muscle is responsible for the fact that the skin is stretched or expanded along the edge of the jaw and neck and the contour becomes spongy, so that sagging cheeks and so-called turkey folds arise. Botox injections in the neck area can prevent this. It is a safe and effective way to prevent ageing skin and give you the confidence that you deserve.