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Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK

Train With Us

At Est-Ethics Clinic, we are deeply committed to nurturing a culture of continuous learning, professional growth, and communal support within the aesthetic medicine realm. Our vision extends beyond merely imparting knowledge; we aim to cultivate a supportive community of healthcare professionals dedicated to delivering safe, high-quality, and compassionate care.

When you train with us, you’re stepping into an enriching environment tailored for medical professionals keen on exploring the dynamic world of wellness and aesthetics. Our training programs are meticulously designed to provide:

In-Depth Knowledge

Acquire a profound understanding of aesthetic procedures, technologies, and best practices from seasoned practitioners who are passionate about sharing their expertise.

Practical Skills

Engage in hands-on training sessions, honing your skills in a safe, supervised setting, ensuring you are well-equipped to deliver exceptional care.

Ongoing Mentorship

Benefit from a nurturing mentorship culture, where guidance and support extend beyond the training period, fostering your confidence and competence in your aesthetic practice.

Professional Networking

Connect with a community of like-minded professionals, creating invaluable networking opportunities to share experiences, insights, and collaborate on a professional level.

Holistic Approach

Immerse in a holistic training experience that not only enhances your technical skills but also instils a deep appreciation for the ethical, psychological, and interpersonal aspects of aesthetic care.

Quality Assurance

Adhere to stringent quality and safety standards, promoting a culture of excellence and ethical practice in aesthetics.

Career Advancement

Unlock new avenues in your professional journey, benefiting from the reputation and credibility associated with training at a renowned clinic like Est-Ethics.

Aesthetic Treatments Scotland
Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK

Mentorship at Est-Ethics

Starting in the field of aesthetic medicine comes with its unique set of challenges, chief among them being building confidence and mastering the management of complications. At Est-Ethics Clinic, we recognize these hurdles and are committed to supporting newly qualified clinicians through our tailored mentorship programmes.

Developing Clinical Excellence:

Our mentorship goes beyond the theoretical. You’ll be working 1-1 in a live clinic. With a wide range of treatments available, mentees have the opportunity to see a holistic approach in managing aesthetic and wellness concerns. This immersive learning environment fosters not only clinical proficiency but also a deep-seated confidence in managing different patient cases.

Understanding “The Business”:

Stepping into the aesthetic field is also about understanding the business dynamics that drive a successful practice. Our mentorship includes business development, providing insights into client relationship management, marketing your practice, and adhering to the industry's ethical and quality standards. We believe a well-rounded practitioner is one who is clinically adept and business-savvy.

Tailored Mentorship Programmes:

Every practitioner’s journey is unique. Our mentorship programmes are tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each clinician. Whether it’s honing a particular skill, understanding the nuances of client consultations, or gaining a broader understanding of aesthetic treatments, we cater to the diverse aspirations of our mentees.

A Community of Continuous Learning:

Being associated with Est-Ethics Clinic means becoming part of a community that values continuous learning and collaborative growth. The networking opportunities that come with this association are instrumental in building professional relationships that could be pivotal for your future practice.

Expanding Horizons:

Our mentorship doesn’t just prepare you for today, but for a thriving future in the aesthetics and wellness industry. With the wide range of expertise available at Est-Ethics Clinic, the learning curve is expansive and enriching.

Embark on a fulfilling career path in aesthetic medicine with a solid foundation of clinical excellence and business acumen, mentored by some of the industry’s most reputable professionals.

At Est-Ethics Clinic, we’re not just about providing training, but about nurturing a community of proficient, ethical, and confident aesthetic practitioners ready to make a meaningful impact in the wellness and aesthetics realm.

Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK

Available Courses

  • Foundation botulinum toxin training

  • Foundation dermal fillers training

  • Advanced level botulinum toxin training

  • Advanced level dermal fillers training

  • PRP scalp and facial rejuvenation treatments

  • Phlebotomy and IV cannulation

  • DesoFace and DesoBody Fat Dissolving

  • Aqualyx Fat Dissolving

  • Mesotherapy using Neofound®

  • Bio-remodelling using Profilo®

  • Regenerative medicine using Polynucleotides