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Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK

Work With Us

Are you a healthcare professional or wellness practitioner seeking to extend your practice and collaborative opportunities?

You've arrived at the right place!

At Est-Ethics Clinic, we are passionate about expanding our community of experts to offer an even wider array of health, wellness, and aesthetic services.

We warmly welcome professionals from various fields, be it psychology, dietetics, or other medical and wellness specialities.

We invite you to view more about working with us and look forward to a rewarding collaboration.

Become an Associate with Practicing Privileges

Stepping into the private care sector can be daunting, but at Est-Ethics Clinic, we simplify this transition by offering a hassle-free, fully managed service for healthcare professionals.


We take care of the operational details—facilities, registration procedures, software, record-keeping, bookings, and admin tasks—freeing you up to focus solely on delivering outstanding care to your patients.


Our flexible model is designed to fit your schedule. Whether you're seeing a single client or running a fully booked clinic, we provide the supportive environment to grow your private practice at your own pace.


We're keen on expanding our wellness and health services and invite applications from specialists, GPs, psychologists, dietitians and nutritionists, life coaches, counsellors, and aesthetic practitioners. Join us at Est-Ethics Clinic, where we make private practice straightforward and rewarding.

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Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK
Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK

Practicing Privileges

“Practising privileges" is a term used within healthcare settings, allowing medical professionals to provide their services within a clinic or hospital independently. It's a recognition of a practitioner's competence, performance, and conduct, enabling them to utilise the facility's resources to treat their private patients and a requirement from Healthcare Improvement Scotland to ensure continues high quality patient care

Here are the steps to acquiring practising privileges at our clinic:

Credential Verification:

We will conduct a thorough verification of your credentials, ensuring they align with our clinic's standards and regulatory.

Interview and Clinic Tour:

Attend an interview with our clinical director/manager and take a tour of our clinic to better understand our facilities and operational protocols.

Privileges Granting:

Upon successful review and approval, practising privileges will be granted, allowing you to start providing your services within our clinic as an associate.

Orientation and Onboarding:

Participate in an orientation programme to familiarise yourself with our clinic's policies, procedures, and quality assurance practices.

Continuous Review:

Practising privileges are subject to periodic review to ensure ongoing compliance with clinic standards and professional competence.

At Est-Ethics Clinic, we strive to foster a collaborative and supportive environment, enabling medical professionals to excel in their private practice while contributing to the collective excellence in patient care and service delivery.


Room rental

We offer a half day session (4 hours) for £150 + VAT and a full day session for £250 + VAT for our associates with practicing privileges. Consumables, admin support and use of Electronic Health Records systems are included in the pricing.

Rates and agreements are individual and are subject to negotiation depending on your needs and experience level.

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Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK
Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK

Training Space and Venue Hire

If you’re looking to host training sessions, product demonstrations, or small corporate meetings, look no further than our esteemed facilities at Est-Ethics Clinic, situated in the vibrant heart of Glasgow City Centre with superb travel links. Our venue is meticulously designed to cater to the aesthetic and wellness industry, making it an ideal choice for cosmetic product and aesthetic device manufacturers.

Our spaces are perfectly suited for:

Product Demos:

Showcase the uniqueness and efficacy of your cosmetic products in a professional, well-equipped setting that resonates with quality and innovation.

Device Launches:

Introduce your cutting-edge aesthetic devices to the market in a sophisticated environment that complements the excellence of your technology.

Training Days:

Conduct comprehensive training sessions for your team or potential clients, enhancing their knowledge and hands-on experience with your products or devices.

Product Launches:

Make a lasting impression as you unveil new products or devices to a select audience, creating a personalised and engaging launch experience.

Corporate Meetings

Engage in productive discussions in our serene meeting rooms, fostering creativity and strategic planning in a tranquil yet professional setting.

Our venue is tailored to meet the nuanced needs of the aesthetic and wellness sector, offering a blend of modernity, professionalism, and convenience. The contemporary design and state-of-the-art amenities create a conducive environment for learning, networking, and showcasing the pioneering spirit of your brand.

Reach out to us to explore how our venue can be the backdrop for your next successful event, training, or product launch, embodying the essence of aesthetic excellence and innovative progression.

Venue hire