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Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK

Cosmetic & Minor Surgery

Cosmetic surgery referral

Cosmetic surgery is a significant decision. Our referral service is your gateway to reputable, highly experienced cosmetic surgeons both national and international centres of excellence. Tailored to match your aesthetic aspirations, we ensure a safe, professionally guided journey towards your desired enhancements.

Pre/Post Surgical Care

Surgery, whether major or minor, demands meticulous care both pre and post-operation. Our comprehensive care plan is designed to optimise healing, reduce the likelihood of scarring, and ensure the best possible aesthetic and functional outcomes. We will provide you with independent advice and ensure that your choices are guided by realistic expectations.

Weight loss surgery (Gastric Sleeve/Allurion® Balloon)
Hair transplant
Breast surgery (augmentation or reduction)
Rhinoplasty (nosejobs)
Abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck)
Excessive skin removal
Aesthetic Treatments Scotland

To book your consultation and see some of our surgical packages, visit our cosmetic surgery focused website on

Pre/Post Surgical Care
Cosmetic surgery referral
Aesthetic Treatments Scotland
Excessive Scarring Consultation

"Scars tell a story, but let's make it a whisper rather than a shout."

Our thorough consultation explores your scar history and current concerns. Treatments such as steroid injections, Dermalux LED Phototherapy, or NanoFractional RF can significantly reduce scar appearance, promoting smoother skin and improving texture.

Our goal is to guide you through the most effective treatment path to achieve optimal scar reduction and skin restoration.

Excessive Scarring Consultation
Skin Lesion Removal

Skin tags and milia (small white lesions on face) although harmless, can be a cosmetic concern.


We can quickly and safely remove these using various methods including cryotherapy or plasma pen.

Skin tag removal