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Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK
Yagmur Meryem Acar

Registered Detician and Nutritionist

My name is Yagmur Meryem Acar and I am a UK based dietitian. As a HCPC registered dietitian I am passionate about all aspects of health and nutrition. This passion has stretched throughout my last seven years in the industry, back to and before my four year degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Istanbul Science University. I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and making lifestyle changes is not always simple so I am dedicated to understanding individual lifestyles and provide practical advice personalised and tailored to each unique person by using evidence-based approaches. I work with clients to address both the psychology and the habitual behaviours that empower them to lead a more healthy and vital life. I achieve this through encouraging small but consistent changes that you make in your daily life that will serve you with a domino effect in the long run.

Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK
Dr Ezgi Kacar

GMC 7858143

Ezgi is a medical doctor and holistic health coach who has a special interest in nutrition, alternative therapies and longevity. While working as a doctor in busy hospitals, GP surgeries and rural areas, she understood that health goes beyond the absence of a disease; it is the combination of physical, mental and social wellbeing. As a curious scientist, she investigated different routes to treating patients, such as Reiki, bioenergy and Access Bars. The shift improved her own lifestyle and encouraged her to further studies in this area. While working in an A&E department, she recognised the importance of nutrition and motivation in stressful environments. Those experiences led her to study hypnotherapy and nutrition. She has diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As a holistic health coach with a medical background, she understands bio-individuality and its unique paths to health. She has been helping and supporting her clients to assess their specific needs and structure bespoke balanced lifestyles.

Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK
Selin Kucukkahraman, MSc.

Registered Dietician (HCPC)

Hello, I am Selin. I am a clinical dietitian, nutritionist, and nurse. I was born and studied in Turkey. After becoming a nurse, I immediately began working in various ICUs. While working as a nurse, I pursued a second degree in nutrition and dietetics and graduated with honors. Following 7 years of nursing experience, I transitioned to work as a dietitian at another training hospital in Turkey. My responsibilities included clinics, ICUs, and hemodialysis units. In clinics, I successfully helped many obese patients reach their goal weight. During my internship, I received training in obesity surgery clinics at different hospitals and provided consultations to numerous patients. In addition to my existing degrees, I earned an MSc degree in Healthcare Institutions Management in 2020. After accumulating 10 years of hospital experience, I relocated to the UK and am currently working with Est-Health, Weight Loss Surgery Department. I am in the process of AfN registration and eagerly anticipate meeting my new consultants here.


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