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Ready, Set, Glow: Updating Your Skincare for Spring

The skin acts as a crucial shield, protecting us from the external environment. As we move from winter to spring and then to summer, the changing weather, including variations in temperature and humidity, can significantly influence both the health and appearance of our skin. Just as we switch our clothing to suit the weather, our skincare routine also demands adjustments to cater to seasonal needs.

Here’s what you need to know about selecting the right Skinceuticals products for this seasonal shift, and why you might consider booking a skin consultation at Est-Ethics Wellness Clinic.

Addressing Seasonal Skincare Challenges

One of the main challenges during the transition from winter to spring/summer is managing the increased exposure to UV rays, which can accelerate skin aging and damage. Incorporating antioxidant-rich products and reliable sun protection with high SPF is crucial to guard against these effects. Additionally, as humidity levels change, there's a need to adjust to lighter moisturisers. These products should provide adequate hydration without clogging pores, ensuring that the skin remains balanced and healthy as the temperatures rise. This careful balance helps maintain a radiant complexion through the seasonal shift.

Key Skinceuticals Products for Seasonal Skin Care Transition

C E Ferulic Serum


This potent vitamin C serum offers antioxidant protection, reducing the impact of environmental stressors such as UV rays and pollution, which become more intense in spring and summer.

Reason to Choose:

It helps to brighten the skin and improve signs of aging, making it an excellent choice for maintaining a radiant complexion as the days grow


Hydrating B5 Gel


This moisture-enhancing gel is enriched with vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid, which deeply hydrate the skin without adding the heaviness of winter creams.

Reason to Choose:

Transitioning into warmer months often means lighter skincare, and this gel provides

intense hydration while being perfectly

lightweightfor higher temperatures.

Retexturing Activator


This oil-free serum exfoliates and replenishes moisture, promoting

a smoother and more radiant skin texture.

Reason to Choose:

Spring is the perfect time to focus on skin texture, especially after the drying effects of winter, making this product a key component in your skincare arsenal.

Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment


Formulated with a unique blend of botanical glycosides and hyaluronic acid, this lightweight moisturiser helps to soothe and brighten the skin, reducing the appearance of redness and uneven skin tone.

Reason to Choose:

Ideal for spring and summer, this treatment supports the skin's natural barrier and promotes a clearer, more luminous complexion, perfectly prepping your skin for the brighter days ahead.

Antioxidant Lip Treatment


This nourishing lip treatment is enriched with antioxidants to help protect and repair the delicate skin on your lips. It provides intense hydration and combats the effects of environmental stressors, which can be particularly harsh as the seasons change.

Reason to Choose:

Ideal for transitioning from winter to spring, when lips can still be recovering from the cold, dry weather. It helps to restore moisture and resilience, ensuring lips stay soft and healthy as the climate becomes warmer.

Why Book a Skin Consultation?

To ensure your skincare routine is perfectly tailored to your needs, especially during this transitional period, consider booking a consultation with our skilled staff at Est-Ethics Wellness Clinic.

Utilising the advanced Opatra SkinScanner, our team can assess your skin's specific conditions and recommend the most suitable Skinceuticals products to enhance your natural beauty. Each consultation is designed to address individual concerns, ensuring your skincare is not only effective but also