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Phyto Corrective Mist

Phyto Corrective Mist


SkinCeuticals NEW Phyto Corrective Essence Mist, formulated with a high concentration of botanical extracts and moisturising agents, hydrates and soothes skin.

  • Offers an immediate reduction in visible redness and improvement in smoothness and plumpness all whilst helping repair the skin barrier function.
  • Formula effectively hydrates skin, even over foundation makeup.
  • Clinically proven all day hydration as well as being suitable post-laser treatment*
  • Clinically proven to improve hydration by up to 69%.** This versatile mist can be used daily to help reduce temporary redness or to refresh rough, dehydrated skin.
  • The gentle mist format allows for touchless application and is also suitable for use post-laser*.
  • Suitable for all skin types. *Only apply on healed skin. Always consult a practitioner for individual homecare recommendation
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