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Est-Signature Lips

Est-Signature Lips treatment, a harmonious blend of artistry, science, and innovation combined to redefine your smile. This premium package bring together the best of traditional and cutting-edge technologies to offer you a comprehensive lip rejuvenation experience that is truly second to none.

Vivacy Stylage® Special Lips Filler

Begin your journey to fuller, more sculpted lips with Vivacy Stylage® Special Lips, a leading dermal filler known for its exceptional ability to harmonize lip volume and contour with natural-looking results. This hyaluronic acid-based filler not only adds volume but also hydrates the lips from within, ensuring a soft, plump appearance that feels as good as it looks.

Laser Lip Revive™ Treatment from Alma Hybrid

Elevate your lip care regimen with three sessions of the Laser Lip Revive treatment, utilizing the Alma Hybrid's innovative laser technology. Scheduled two weeks apart following your dermal filler application, these treatments enhance the filler's effects by improving lip texture, color, and overall health. The package includes three additional quarterly maintenance sessions to ensure your lips remain beautifully enhanced throughout the year.

Vivacy Lip Protect HA Balm

To complete your Est-Signature Lips experience, we include the Vivacy Lip Protect HA Balm, an intensive care product designed to nourish and protect your lips. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, this balm provides long-lasting hydration, keeping your lips soft, supple, and protected against environmental stressors.

The Synergy of Tradition and Innovation

The integration of Vivacy Stylage® Special Lips filler with the Alma Hybrid Laser Lip Revive treatment offers a unique advantage, providing both immediate and progressive results. The dermal filler offers instant volume and shaping, while the laser treatment promotes natural collagen production for sustained lip health, plumpness and a virant colour. This combination ensures that the lips not only look fuller and more defined immediately but also improve in texture and resilience over time. The addition of Vivacy Lip Protect HA Balm ensures that your lips remain hydrated and protected, rounding off a comprehensive care package that maintains the aesthetic results and health of your lips throughout the year.

Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow UK

Est-Signature Lips

Embrace the future of lip enhancement with Est-Signature Lips, where beauty meets innovation to create a smile that's uniquely yours.



  • Vivacy Stylage® Special Lips Dermal Filler application

  • Three sessions of Laser Lip Revive Treatment following filler application

  • Three quarterly maintenance sessions of Laser Lip Revive Treatment to last the whole year

  • Vivacy Lip Protect HA Balm for daily care