Our Partners

Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity Partner

Est-Ethics Clinic Contributes to Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity and is proud to be a partner organisation supporting their incredible work. 

Please click on the image to visit their site and follow their social media channels to show your support. 

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HIS is the regulatory body in Scotland overseeing all hospitals and independent healthcare organisations such as the Est-Ethics Clinic. 

They ensure that the highest standards are met and people of Scotland experience the best quality of care.

Est-Ethics Clinic is a HIS registered healthcare provider. 

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REVIV® is a USA based global company and the leading brand in wellness IV therapies and vitamin injections.

Est-Ethics Clinic is the only accredited clinic in Scotland offering REVIV® IV Therapies, Booster Shots as well as REVIV® Genetic Testing.  

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Mest Assistance is a leading brand in the field of insurance solutions and assistance services with Headquarters in Ontario, serving over 1.000.000 members globally. 

Est-Ethics Clinic is the designated GP Practice for MEST Group's UK clients.