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Nicola Rowley

A registered adult nurse with over 20 years' experience, Nic started her career in the healthcare sector as a A&E nurse. Learning extensive skills in injection technique and emergency procedures she furthered her career as a nurse practitioner within the private sector.


For the past 10 years Nic has worked in Higher and Further Education teaching students the academic and practical skills for a career in nursing.


Her interest in Aesthetic Medicine began following treatment received after an accident which left her with facial injuries. This treatment had a positive impact on Nic’s confidence and well-being, and she remains an advocate for others wishing similar outcomes.


Nic was Harley Street trained and furthered her expertise with a renowned expert in the field of Aesthetics.


Professional member of the N.M.C, B.A.C.N and a Fellow of Higher Education, Nic has extensive expertise to provide specialised aesthetic treatments to suit each, individual client.


At Est-Ethics Clinic Nic offers aesthetic treatments to smoothen and contour ageing skin and reclaim more youthful features.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

30-45 minutes

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments are used to create a smooth and fresh look mainly over the face.

They are most commonly used to treat frown lines, forehead lines and crow's feet (smile lines). 

1 Areas: £150

2 Areas: £180

3 Areas: £210

Dermal Fillers

45 minutes

Dermal fillers replace the natural hyaluronic acid produced by your skin creating a fuller appearance and are commonly used to enhance your naturally beautiful features such as lips, cheeks or jawline. 

- Cheek Contouring   £225

- Jaw Contouring      £295

- Tear Troughs         £190

- Marionette Lines    £220

- Nasolabial Folds      £220

- Lip Augmentation   £180

- Perioral Lines         £160

- Deep Furrow Lines £210 (£290 including anti-wrinkle injection)


Please get in touch if you have any specific enquiries.

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