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We understand the debilitating effects of migraines on your daily life and we are here to offer guidance and support on how to prevent and manage them. 

We offer an in depth consultation to develop a personalised treatment plan that meets your specific needs. 

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and resources needed to take control of your migraines and live a happier, healthier life


A GP Consultation is the first step to finding an effective treatment plan if you suffer from migraines.

We will discuss your medical history and current lifestyle to tailor a bespoke treatment plan based on your needs.

Our GP will provide you with a thorough consultation to discuss your needs prior to any treatment to ensure a safe and effective relief from the stubborn symptoms. 


Typically used for severe migraines that do not respond well to other treatments, or for individuals who experience frequent or chronic migraines.

The IV delivery method allows the medication to be absorbed more quickly and effectively than oral medications, and can provide rapid relief from migraine symptoms such as head pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound for up to 12 weeks.

  • 849 British pounds


Treatment for chronic migraines. It involves injecting a small amount of anti-wrinkle treatment into specific areas of the head and neck to help alleviate migraine symptoms.

Anti-wrinkle treatment works by blocking the release of chemicals involved in pain transmission and by reducing muscle tension in the head and neck area.


This can help prevent the activation of the pain pathways that contribute to migraine attacks, and can also reduce the frequency and severity of chronic migraines.

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