COVID-19 Testing Locations


Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow is our main clinic located at the heart of the city within the iconic "The Italian Centre" building. 

The entrance to the clinic is via Ingram Street and there is on-street parking available. 

170 Ingram Street
G1 1DN

Call Centre: 0141 230 5781

Est-Ethics Clinic Glasgow
Est-Ethics Clinic Edinburgh


Est-Ethics Clinic Edinburgh operates from the high-end facilities of the Stockbridge Pharmacy. 

We currently only offer COVID19 Travel Testing at this location however we are working on bringing REVIV® IV Treatments and our signature cosmetic treatments soon. 

35 N W Circus Pl,
Stockbridge Pharmacy
Edinburgh EH3 6TW

Call Centre: 0141 230 5781



Est-Ethics Clinic London is located at the famous Harley Street within the facilities of the pioneering dental establishment "On Clinic".

The entrance to the facilities are strictly regulated and you are advised to arrive on time, not early. 

22 Harley Street,1st Floor
On Clinic

London W1G 9AP
Call Centre: 0141 230 5781

Est-Ethics Clinic London