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DR Sonia

I offer a one-on-one personalised coaching service for people seeking the knowledge, skills and confidence to create healthy lifestyle habits.

As a qualified doctor, I will be able to use evidence- based knowledge to help you reach your health goals whether you already have a chronic disease or you are symptom-free and want to optimise your health safeguard your future. I will be able to draw on my experience as a qualified yoga teacher to treat the mind, body and soul as one and treat each client as an individual.

By listening to you and identifying your own personal health goals, I can empower you to make positive changes. Areas commonly requiring help are stress management, sleep issues, alcohol or cigarette consumption, exercise, weight concerns, nutrition and mental well-being.


Health Coaching

Step 1

Once you have booked onto the programme, you will receive an online questionnaire to identify
areas where you wish your health to improve. This will help to get the most out of your initial

Step 2

You will have an initial 60-minute consultation where we will discuss your lifestyle, concerns and
goals. Depending on the discussion, we may conduct blood tests if required (cost may apply).
Following an in-depth review of your case after the initial consultation, a bespoke health and
wellness plan will be created and sent to you.

Step 3

You will receive a further five 30–minute consultations over the following three months to track
progress. During the three months, clients will be supported between sessions with reading and
video resources as well as online support.

Sessions can be continued for a discounted rate

All sessions are confidential and will be conducted online

This service is not for individuals who are concerned about particular symptoms. Please book with one of the doctors or see your NHS GP if you wish to discuss individual health problems. If any new medical conditions are noted during consultations, I will be happy to refer you to relevant services.


Need more information or would like to speak to someone about our service. Contact us below.

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