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with Dr Ezgi

Ezgi is a medical doctor and holistic health coach who has a special interest in nutrition, alternative therapies and longevity.


While working as a doctor in busy hospitals, GP surgeries and rural areas, she understood that health goes beyond the absence of a disease; it is the combination of physical, mental and social wellbeing. As a curious scientist, she investigated different routes to treating patients, such as Reiki, bioenergy and Access Bars. The shift improved her own lifestyle and encouraged her to further studies in this area.


While working in an A&E department, she recognised the importance of nutrition and motivation in stressful environments. Those experiences led her to study hypnotherapy and nutrition. She has diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


As a holistic health coach with a medical background, she understands bio-individuality and its unique paths to health. She has been helping and supporting her clients to assess their specific needs and structure bespoke balanced lifestyles.


Our testing provides information on inflammation and how well you digest and absorb your food. Stool testing can also uncover imbalances in yeast, parasites, and healthy and unhealthy bacteria that live in the large intestine. This bacterial population is called the microbiome.

Systemic diseases can be linked to the GI tract and improving the health of your gut may improve your overall health. Identifying abnormalities through Genova's testing allows you and your healthcare provider to develop a personalised treatment plan to improve your symptoms.

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