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Dr saleh

I am currently a consultant ENT surgeon sub specialising in Rhinology, Skull Base and Facial Plastic surgery at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow. I am fellowship trained in Advanced Rhinology, Sinus and minimally invasive Skull Base Surgery under the Supervision of Prof. Arif Janjua, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver General Hospital, Canada. This fellowship was approved and accredited by the American Rhinological Society and the North American Skull Base Society.

My particular areas of expertise include Diagnosis and management of complex inflammatory, benign and malignant Sinus, Nose and Skull base pathology.  I am a member of the North and South Sector Head and Neck MDT as an Endoscopic Cranial Base opinion as well as the regional Skull Base MDT. I work in close collaboration with the Neurosurgical team as part of the Skull Base Neuroendoscopic Surgery Team at the Institute of Neurological Sciences at QEUH. We have shared operating lists where we perform endoscopic endonasal approaches for resection of skull base tumours. I run a regional tertiary referral practice that also includes emergency assistance to on-call colleagues with the management of complex Rhinological emergencies.

In addition, I work closely with Maxillofacial team and collaborate on expanded open skull base resections. Furthermore, I am involved in management of Paediatric skull base tumours and collaborate with Paediatric Neurosurgeon and ENT colleagues to provide a regional endoscopic service.


Services provided: 

Comprehensive Nose and Sinus assessment including the following diagnostic tests: 


  • Allergy testing 

  • Nasal endoscopy 

  • Nose and sinus Imaging Including CT scanning 


Conditions treated: 

  • Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal polyps 

  • Recurrent Nasal infections   

  • Nasal blockage due to deviated septum 

  • Nasal Allergy: Rhinitis (allergic and non-allergic)  

  • Loss of Smell 

  • Nose Bleeds 

  • Perforation of nasal septum 

  • Nasal deformities including trauma 

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