COVID-19 Testing Glasgow

Important Information

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Our in-clinic tests are for travel purposes only.
If you have COVID-19 symptoms you should book a test via the Government website.

Please ensure that you check the entry requirements of your destination carefully here.

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Same Day Service £249

Travel PCR Test


Results available same day.

Needs to be booked between 07:00-08:30

Next Day Service £149

Travel PCR Tests


Results available before the end of the next day.

Regular Service £115

Travel PCR Test



Results available in 48 hours.

See the booking guidance below to book according to your travel day.

Rapid Antigen Test £75

Travel Rapid Antigen Test


Results available in 1 hour


Booking Guide for The Regular Service
-PCR test for Travel with Certificate-


Check  your flight day to see when you shall book our regular Travel PCR Service.


This table is designed for 72 hour requirement.


If your destination has different requirements, please get in touch!

Flying on Thursday

Book  on Monday.

Your results will beavailable on Wednesday.

Flying on Monday

Book on Friday.

Your results will be available on Sunday.

Flying on

Book on Tuesday.

Your results will be available on Thursday.

Flying on Tuesday

Book the NEXT DAY SERVICE on Saturday. 

Your results will be available on Monday.

Flying on Saturday

Book on Wednesday.

Your results will beavailable on Friday.

Flying on Wednesday

Book the NEXT DAY SERVICE for Monday.

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver on Sundays to our regular Laboratory. 

Results available on Tuesday.

Flying on

Book on Thursday.

Your results will beavailable on Saturday.