Vereendra Giri sangapu

Veerendra is a Physiotherapy practitioner who has special interest in Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic conditions. He has the experience of more than 17 years in different areas of Physiotherapy.

He has gained post graduate Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine and Injection therapy and also in Sports Medicine. He has specialised skills including exercise therapy, Injection therapy, and acupuncture to maximise physical and functional ability of patients. At present, he is working in NHS as an Advanced Physiotherapy practitioner.


Physiotherapy Consultation

Take our most comprehensive food intolerance test to find out whether you have an intolerance to over 200 food ingredients.


Consultation and injection Therapy

Measures the amount and types of microbes, such as bacteria and viruses, in your gut. Giving you information on inflammation, immunity, digestive function and a lot more


Consultation and acupuncture

Including gut health, food intolerance tests and 2 coaching sessions. To Identify appropriate and areas of change to your diet to improve your health and wellbeing.