At Est-Ethics we are passionate about ensuring that you feel healthy and refreshed as well as confident and youthful. Our therapy range is curated carefully to ensure that they all compliment each other to ensure treatment results are long-lasting.


Our doctors and practitioners have extensive NHS service backgrounds and take health and wellness seriously. Not only do we offer a range of health services, we are also the only clinic in Scotland to offer one of the world-leading brands in Wellness, REVIV® products. 

Natural Beauty Products

I’ve had the most positive and pleasant experience today. The location was superb and the technician was so helpful. Had some minor complication navigating the system Rebekah resolved everything for me so nicely. Her personality radiated and she gave me the information I needed and all
With a brilliant smile.

 | Billy Davis |


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Keep on top of your physical and mental health with the help of our expert clinicians. From private GP appointments to wellbeing checks, we ensure you are always feeling your best. 

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REVIV® is one of the world leading brands providing custom made wellness products which are clinically tested and FDA approved.

We are the only clinic accredited in Scotland offering REVIV® Therapies.

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We are experts in aesthetics and offer a wide range of treatments.

 We have curated our range of treatments to compliment each other, resulting in long-lasting, natural results.

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Our expert clinicians have created the ultimate health plans, suitable for each budget and every person.

Remember, prevention is better than a cure.

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